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Give me brief idea about my new virtual assistant?

Virtual assistant is the highly skilled, educated, and experienced personnel, works remotely, on your instructions. They are not physically present at your location, but they get online, as per your suitable timings, by using the internet, phone or any other communication means, in order to support you. They primarily handle your tasks and projects online through internet as it’s considered to be one of the most convenient means of communication or getting the work done efficiently.

Our virtual assistants aspire to build a firm long-term relationship to the clients. They are trained to accept and resolve and accomplish any kinds of challenges. They love to accept challenging work. They are proficient enough to handle your business, clients, and your personal life. They can become your one of the most valuable assets and even act as your own employee when they interact with others.

Is it always the same virtual assistant?

Yes, each client is assigned one fully dedicated, reliable, experienced, trustworthy virtual assistant. If your virtual assistant is sick or on vacation his/her supervisor will be there to assist you in the same way as your virtual assistant used to assist you.

How does my new virtual assistant present him/herself to others?

The new virtual assistant is provided a customized digital signature to match your business.

Besides, He will be assigned a Canada or USA local phone number with the area code of your choice. When your customers give him a call, they will be greeted with your name or company.

Tell me more about how your virtual assistants can help me?

here are several things our Virtual Assistants can do for you and your business. Below are given following points which our virtual assistant would provide you:

  1. Administrative tasks
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  3. Accounting and Bookkeeping
  4. Translations
  5. Customer care services
  6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) Copywriting
  7. Blog, forum, portal or website development or maintenance
  8. Miscellaneous Writing
  9. Obtain estimates for new jobs
  10. Seek refunds
What are their computer skills?

It’s primarily depends upon the profile of a particular VA (Virtual Assistant). Computer skills of a particular VA (Virtual Assistant), completely depends upon the clients requirement. According to the clients requirement we facilitate virtual assistant. Although, a VA consists, the following attributes such as Microsoft Office (for PC & MAC), with (Windows & Ubuntu operating system) Internet Search, and scanning software.

Our virtual assistants are familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Google Apps, and many other web-based applications.

Other kinds of requirements can also be facilitated depending on your need. Feel free to inquire about your requirements and needs. Be sure to specify your software needs, in order to find the best match for you and your business.

How does it work?

Think, why do you want a virtual assistant?

Ask yourself what exactly do you want to manifest in return, after hiring a Virtual Assistant? Write down a list of tasks or a job description for your virtual assistant.

Make a list of what is consuming your important time. Get rid of those time-consuming tasks! Or taking away your personal time.

Hand it over to your new assistant!

List your tasks on the priority basis, mark the items that can be delegated, hand it over to your assistant and watch your increased productivity levels! Go back to step 2 and keep on delegating all the tasks you don’t need to do personally!

Your Assistant will provide you a status report, in order to make you aware about the work status.

I want to get started

It’s quite easy and simple. Call us or email us, and the office manager will get in touch with you to set up an appointment at your convenience to discuss your requirement and get you started.